Breast Implant

Low Profile Breast Implants

Low Profile Breast Implants

Low Profile Breast Implants : This patient was 28 years old and 5’1″ tall. She had recently lost 15 pounds and weighed 125 pounds. She wanted to have a full D-cup size. She initially considered 450cc implants, but worried that they wouldn’t be big enough. But after speaking with her surgeon, she decided to go with the 500cc option.


What is Low profile implants

Although low-profile implants are not as common as other implant profiles, they do have a few key benefits. Knowing about these features will help you choose the correct breast implant for your specific needs. Your plastic surgeon can help you make this decision. The right implant profile is as important as the right size.

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The width of the breast implant is important to consider. It should be about 1cm less wide than the width of the chest wall. Ideally, the implant’s edges should not be visible through the skin.

Anatomical (teardrop) implants

Anatomical (teardrop) breast implant shapes are more natural-looking and offer excellent cosmetic results. These implants are filled with a thick silicone gel and mimic the shape of a real breast. Teardrop implants also have a textured surface that helps keep them in their natural position. However, teardrop implants are associated with a greater risk of breast implant-related lymphoma.

Low Profile Breast Implants

Generally, women seeking breast augmentation need to choose a shape that is most flattering and resembles the shape of their natural breasts. A teardrop shaped implant gives the patient a more natural look and subtle cleavage. Anatomical breast implants are more realistic-looking than round implants, and they can be customized to fit a woman’s specific features.

Purlz(tm) implants

The Purlz(tm) are soft, sewn bra pads made from microfiber spandex fabric that are filled with small plastic beads. This makes them very comfortable to wear. They weigh the same as breast tissue and implants, and allow you to gauge the size of your implants before surgery.

Weight of 500cc implants

When you decide to go ahead with the 500cc breast implants, you need to understand that they will add weight to both breasts. Weighted breasts are prone to sagging due to increased tension and the loss of elasticity. If you want a natural appearance, you should consider the weight of the implants before choosing a surgeon.

Generally, these implants can weigh between one and two pounds. However, they can be very large and may appear too big on the body. The weight of one 500cc implant weighs about 1.15 pounds, and two implants would weigh about 2.3 pounds.

Complications of 500cc implants

One of the most common complications of 500cc breast implants is sagging skin. This can be a frustrating and unnecessary side effect, but it can be avoided by transferring fat from other areas of the body to the affected breast. This will give a smoother, less dramatic transition.

Low Profile Breast Implants

The placement of the implants can also be an issue. Most women prefer to place their implants behind the pectoralis muscle, because this allows for more tissue coverage and less risk of rippling. However, implants placed in front of the pectoralis muscle can cause “animation deformity” and can lead to cleavage difficulties.

Alternatives to 500cc implants

There are a number of alternatives to 500cc breast implants. Larger implants are a tad cumbersome, especially if you’re an active woman. A busy social life may also influence your choice of implants. Fortunately, there are various styles and types of implants to fit your personal needs and desired appearance. In addition to volume, you can choose from various shapes, sizes, and profiles, too.

The size of your implant is based on the shape of your chest and other physical characteristics. For instance, short women will be best suited for smaller sizes, while taller women should consider larger sizes. A woman over six feet tall may look better with 500cc breast implants, whereas a petite woman may look better with a smaller implant size. For active women, a smaller implant size will allow her to wear sports bras and still be able to play sports.

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