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Choosing Between Low Profile and High Profile Breast Implants

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High Profile Breast Implants : When deciding on the profile of your breast implants, you should consider whether a small, moderate or high profile is best for you. If you are petite, a moderate or low profile may look best. The combination of size and profile will change the appearance of your new breasts, but your surgeon and experience will make the final decision.

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Moderate profile implants

Moderate profile breast implants give a natural look to the breast and are popular among women who want a fuller cup size and cleavage. The moderate profile provides good balance between volume and roundness and is best for women with average breast sizes.

Because moderate profiles do not produce too much forward projection, they are a good choice for women with smaller chests and shoulders.

Moderate profile implants are wider at the base than high-profile implants, but don’t project out as far. They provide a full, rounded shape to the breasts and are often recommended for women with a medium chest width and chest wall width. In addition, moderate plus implants offer a mid-projection option that is a good choice for women with medium-sized breasts and a medium frame.

High profile implants

High profile breast implants are designed to give the patient the fullness and projection they want. These implants have a narrow base diameter and a higher projection than other implants. The narrow base of high profile implants gives the implants a rounded shape and provides considerable fullness to the upper pole of the breast. This type of implant is particularly suited to women with small or narrow breasts and is also popular among petite women.

Medium plus implants are slightly wider than high profile implants and project less from the body. They offer a natural looking breast shape. Patients with narrow chests often opt for moderate plus implants. They also make a great choice for patients seeking a more natural look.

High profile implants

Low profile implants

Whether you’re looking for a fuller, more sculpted look or a more natural-looking result, low-profile breast implants will meet your expectations. Low-profile implants are ideal for women with wide chests because they’re flat-looking with minimal projection. On the other hand, moderate-profile breast implants offer more projection and are best for women with small or medium-sized chests.

While both breast implant profiles have their advantages, you’ll have to decide on which one is right for you. Choosing the right size and shape is important, as two implants with the same size and shape can result in wildly different results. The profile is determined by the base diameter and extension of the implant. Low-profile breast implants will sit in the lower pole of your chest.

Mid-profile implants

If you have decided to get breast implants, you’ll want to choose between high-profile and mid-profile. High-profile implants have a smaller circumference than mid-profile implants, which are best suited for women who have wide chest walls and are seeking a fuller look. However, women with flat chest walls and thin breasts can also choose a high-profile breast implant for their augmentation procedure. The narrower base diameter of the high-profile implant makes it possible to create extra cleavage.

The size of your implant will depend on several factors, including your breast size and shape. The size is measured in cubic centimeters. You should also consider the projection of the implant, which relates to your chest. If you are tall or slender, a taller implant may be needed to achieve the desired result.High profile implants

Choosing a breast implant based on body shape

The type of breast implant you choose depends on your body shape and the amount of natural breast tissue that you have. Low-profile implants have a wider base and a more natural appearance than high-profile implants. They also produce a fuller, more rounded look in the upper pole. Women with narrow chests and small breasts should opt for low-profile implants as their natural shape doesn’t allow them to get the best results with high-profile implants.

During your consultation, your doctor may show you breast implant sizers or volume sizing charts to help you visualize what the final result will look like. While large-sized implants can produce a more youthful appearance, they are also associated with a higher risk of complications. If you’re active and want to avoid the possibility of any complications after surgery, you might want to opt for a low-profile breast implant.

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