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On his website, Dr. Miami lists his fees and the costs of anesthesia and other expenses. He also offers financing, although he makes jokes about taking Care Credit, food stamps, and Kohl’s cash. Despite his high prices, he is widely regarded as a board-certified plastic surgeon who has earned a fortune in just 17 years. Nevertheless, some consumers may be hesitant to trust his advice.


Dr. Lampert is a board certified plastic surgeon

Whether you are interested in enhancing your breasts or improving your overall appearance, Dr. Lampert can help you achieve your goals. His board certified training in plastic surgery means that you can expect top-tier cosmetic care. His breast implant prices are competitive with other surgeons in the area. You can also count on his exemplary reputation, since he has performed hundreds of procedures in his career.

He strives to create symmetry and balance in your chest after breast augmentation. He believes that a patient should not feel rushed when speaking with a plastic surgeon. He schedules several consultations before deciding on a particular procedure. Patients who are particularly concerned about stubborn areas can visit Dr. Lampert’s practice to get the help they need. In addition, modern advances in plastic surgery have reduced the recovery time for patients.

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He offers breast augmentation surgery in Miami

While breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic operations in the country today, it can also have its share of potential risks. Luckily, Dr. Jon Harrell performs his procedures with special care, so scarring is minimal. His surgical incisions are strategically placed, minimizing the risk of disfiguring your breasts. The most common incision location is in the inframammary fold, or the crease underneath the breast, where the tissue meets the chest. This scar will lighten as the healing process begins.

When considering breast augmentation surgery in Florida, it is important to choose a board certified plastic surgeon with ample experience. Dr. Miami has performed over 10,000 procedures, making him an expert in the field. While complications do occasionally occur during the procedure, his expertise in handling them has led him to a reputation as the top plastic surgeon in Miami. For patients who want the best results, Dr. Miami offers breast augmentation surgery in Miami.

He uses saline or silicone implants

While silicone gel implants are safer than saline, they are not without risks. Approximately 45 percent of patients undergoing the procedure have to have them removed within 10 years, while only 20 to 26 percent of women who have saline implants need to undergo revision surgery. In addition, saline implants are much less likely to rupture, with a rupture rate of three to 10 percent. However, in the event that they do rupture, patients would not need to have their breasts removed, so this is an option worth considering.

Both types of implants are popular in the United States. Although saline implants are not as common in other countries, they are still popular in the United States. Silicone implants, which are also known as “Gummy Bear” implants, contain a silicone gel that is injected into the body. They are both safe to use and are highly durable, and have improved rippling and rupture rates compared to older silicone implants.

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He charges six figures for the procedure

On his website, Dr. Miami lists his fee for the procedure, which includes the surgeon’s fees and anesthesia. He does note that additional fees may apply, and offers a financing option to help his patients pay for their procedures. He also jokes about who he charges, and does not accept Care Credit, Kohl’s cash, or food stamps. However, this may not stop many patients from paying the price for a cosmetic procedure.

For a full-life breast implant procedure, Dr. Miami charges between four and five figures. He also charges for procedures including the Brazilian Butt Lift. The procedure is very popular among celebrities and cost anywhere from six to ten thousand dollars. His website states that he charges between four and five figures for the procedure. However, the average patient does not pay that much for cosmetic surgery. In fact, some patients are able to pay a lot less for other procedures.

Financing options

You can finance your surgery with several different financing options. Some finance options offer 100% coverage of the procedure cost, while others require you to pay the entire amount up front. If you want to pay in installments, consider CareCredit or Prosper Healthcare Lending, which both offer flexible financing options with no monthly fees. Using one of these options allows you to get the procedure that you want, without worrying about your credit score.

You can use your personal credit card to pay for the procedure, though make sure not to use a high interest rate – it can add unintended expenses to your account. Consider a medical credit card, such as the CareCredit or Prosper Healthcare Lending loan. Low interest or no interest credit cards are the best options, especially for the first 12 months. After the procedure, pay off the balance to avoid being charged interest.


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