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Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Implants

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Most women would prefer to have an enlarged bust size, but how do you know if you need a silicone gel implant? This article will cover the questions you should ask your doctor before going under the knife. You should also learn about the pros and cons of silicone gel implants, including whether or not you should get a MRI study first. The FDA has even questioned the value of an MRI study to screen for rupture. But it’s not covered by most insurance plans.


Choosing the right size

Choosing the right size for breast implants can be a tricky process, but there are some key factors to consider. Ideally, your surgeon and you should discuss your goals before surgery. While most doctors will aim for natural results, you should consider your lifestyle and activity level, as big breasts can lead to back pain. Also, consider your fitness level, as large implants may interfere with your exercise routine. If you do a lot of aerobics and other exercises, you may not want a large implant.

Having a friend or family member come along to the consultation is a great idea if you’re unsure about your size, or if you’d like to have a second opinion before undergoing the surgery. It’s important to get a second opinion, since breast implants are a personal decision. Besides, a second opinion from a loved one can give you an entirely different perspective.

The shape of your breasts also has an impact on the size of your implant. A 12-cm-wide breast requires an implant that is 11 to 12 cm in diameter. Similarly, a slender woman needs an implant with a smaller profile. For instance, a teardrop-shaped implant may give you a more natural appearance. However, a teardrop-shaped implant may have a narrower profile, so you’ll want to consider this factor when choosing the size of your implants.

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The right size for your breast implants is vital to the result you want

 You’ll want to choose the right size for your frame, since a large implant will increase your overall breast size. The larger your implant, the larger your risks of complications. If you’re a woman with a sturdy build, a large implant should not cause back pain. A woman with a smaller frame, on the other hand, may find that the weight of a large implant is too much for her frame and may end up hurting her back.

You may have a small or large frame, but it’s still possible to have the size you want without sacrificing the shape. Your surgeon will consider your lifestyle and your frame size before recommending a breast implant size. If you’re an active woman, you might not be able to continue doing certain exercises after breast augmentation, so you may want to choose smaller implants for more functional results. If your current breast size is too large, a smaller one is a better option.

Choosing the right shape

Choosing the right shape for breast implants is a critical step in achieving your desired breast augmentation outcome. Breast implant shape is highly subjective and depends on the patient’s body type, aesthetic goals, and lifestyle. A board-certified plastic surgeon can help you understand your options and determine the best implant shape for your body type. He or she will take detailed measurements and explain the pros and cons of various breast implant shapes.

The width of your breast implants should closely resemble the width of your natural breast tissue. Measure from the outside near your underarm to the inside near your sternum to determine how much space is available for the implant. Most patients have breast widths of approximately 11 to 14 centimeters. While breast implants range in size, Advanced Aesthetics recommends choosing one that is roughly the same or slightly smaller than the width of your natural breasts. However, if your implant width is significantly wider than your natural breasts, it can throw off the symmetry of your breasts and make them appear out of proportion.

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The size of your breasts also matter

 Although larger implants can have higher risks, they may not look natural on everyone. You might end up with a huge breast, which will look unnatural and may cause back pain. Choose a moderate-sized implant to achieve a fuller appearance while keeping your lifestyle in mind. It’s also important to consider your lifestyle and physical activities. For example, if you’re a runner, a medium-sized implant may give you the fullness you’re looking for without limiting your physical activity.

It’s important to remember that breast implants are not designed to last forever. You will have them for many years, so make sure you choose the shape and style that compliments your body. If you’re unsure of your preference, bring a friend or loved one to your consultation. Your friend’s opinion is equally important, as it may be the difference between a beautiful result and a disastrous one. If you’re not happy with your breast implants, you may regret the procedure.


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